Pukka tea, a fairer cup from around the world

At Pukka, we love trading fairly, as our teas are organic and Fair for Life certified means we can trace all of our herbs right back to the field they grew in. So as you sit down to enjoy your next delicious cup of Pukka tea, we invite you to ask yourself, where in the world is it from?

Take a cup of our Clean Matcha Green tea. The tea consist of 64% fair trade ingredients certified to the Fair for Life Programme. The tea leaves are hand-picked in China. The turmeric is harvested in the lush green jungles of South India. The wild-harvested nettle leaves are from FairWild certified projects in Hungary and Poland. The licorice, also FairWild certified, comes from projects in Spain and Kazakhstan.

Both Fair for Life and FairWild are independent standards that ensure farmers are paid and treated fairly for the work that they do. Some of the key features shared by both standards are:

  • A fair price
  • An additional sum of money to the community, known as the community fund or premium
  • Labour rights
  • Fair contractual relationships
  • No child labour or discrimination between gender, caste or race
  • Fair and safe working conditions

Both schemes contribute to a community fund or premium that is invested in the local community, on whatever the community themselves decide is the greatest local need. So what do our farmers spend their fair trade community fund on? And what are the other fairly traded facts about our Clean Green tea?

In China, the farmers have used our fair trade fund payments, along with the funds from the other organisations that source from the same farms, to invest in schools for the local community. Every leaf that is picked adds a small contribution to the education of the pickers’ children.

In India, the turmeric farmers have focused on using the Fair for Life fair trade fund to improve their farming practices; this includes setting up organic plant nurseries, creating improved composing facilities and organising seminars on organic farming. They have even used some of the fund to set up a local radio station to broadcast information on organic farming and health education.

In 2016 we expect to use a total of about 105 tonnes of FairWild certified licorice (that’s the equivalent of about 21 male elephants!). The FairWild certification includes strict environmental standards that ensure the licorice is sustainably harvested and has no detrimental effects on the surrounding environment. Interestingly, one of the requests of collectors in both Kazakhstan and Spain was that to invest some of the premium in buying caravans to relax in during their breaks from working in the fields. This reflects the fact that licorice tends to grow in very hot places and harvesting the roots is hard work: having a place to rest is the least they deserve.

At Pukka, we are so convinced by the benefits of trading fairly, we have committed to sourcing 50% of our ingredients as fair certified by the end of 2016 so that 100% of our teas can be certified. Certification drives up standards, and brings improvements year after year. From health insurance, to maternity benefits, farmers are seeing conditions improve and investment in their communities as they convert to being certified as fairly traded. So you can enjoy that delicious cup of tea just that little bit more!

All Pukka teas are certified Fair for Life, containing 20% and more of Fair for Life ingredients.

Our FairWild certified teas are:

  1. After Dinner
  2. Blackcurrant Beauty
  3. Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey
  4. Clean Matcha Green
  5. Cleanse
  6. Elderberry & Echinacea
  7. Feel New
  8. Ginseng Matcha Green
  9. Green Collection
  10. Herbal Collection
  11. Lemon & Mandarin
  12. Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey
  13. Lemongrass & Ginger
  14. Licorice & Cinnamon
  15. Love
  16. Motherkind Pregnancy
  17. Night Time
  18. Peppermint & Licorice
  19. Mint Refresh
  20. Relax
  21. Revitalise
  22. Serene Jasmine Green
  23. Star Anise & Cinnamon
  24. Sweet Vanilla Green
  25. Three Cinnamon
  26. Three Ginger
  27. Three Licorice
  28. Turmeric Gold
  29. Wild Apple & Cinnamon
  30. Womankind
  31. Wonder Berry Green

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